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Jun 12th, 2012 by Village Discount Outlet

Hi there!

Village Discount Outlet has been around for over a generation now.  Village Discount provides used and new merchandise at excellent prices.  We employ over 300 people and also support charity work.

Shop our stores “Where you can dress your family for less!”

Village Discount Outlet has maintained it’s support to the local community of Akron. During the winter months we collected 691 pounds of food and donated it to the Campaign for Helping to Feed Families. In the spring we collected 671 pounds of food and donated it to the Harvest for Hunger. This helped feed over 233 persons.

We heard your suggestions and we are responding!

In order to maintain customer satisfaction we are changing some procedures for tagging the clothing. The clothing will now be tagged with nylon tags instead of staples.

We value your comments so please keep them coming



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